H + B GROUP – we are a contract manufacturer specializing in the production of dietary vegan supplements. Our company was founded in 2005 – many years of experience and factories in Poland have allowed us to improve the quality of our services and gain a group of reliable customers. Our employees are the best in their field, thanks to which the natural supplements we offer are constantly perfected. We analyze trends in the world of supplements and cosmetics so that our customers can receive the best product in accordance with the current requirements. We take into account the purpose of the dietary supplement and market trends, enabling our customers to choose between commonly used gelatin capsules and vegetarian and vegan-friendly cellulose capsules. They are made of plant cellulose and purified water. Their production is safe for the environment, but most of all for people. Vegan cellulose capsules easily dissolve in water and the stomach. They do not have any additives of preservatives, gluten and other unnecessary fillers.